Destination marriages in India are gaining more popularity as couples are favouring a location away from their known locations to get married and celebrate their special day.

Here is a four-point guide to have a destination marriage without any hiccups.

  1. Choose a feasible location

Narrowing down on the location is the primary step in any destination marriage. To avoid any difficulties, it is best to choose a location that is easily accessible by every mode of transportation and permits the budget.

  1. Makeup pointers

On the day of marriage, a couple should look exclusive and hiring a professional makeup artist is a commonplace requirement for most millennial couples today. Here are 7 bridal makeup packages in India, which couples can opt for to look special on their big day.

  • HD bridal makeup.
  • Traditional bridal makeup.
  • Airbrush bridal makeup.
  • Body-polishing bridal makeup.
  • De-stress bridal makeup.
  • Bridal glow makeup.
  • 60-day wedding ritual makeup.

  1. Photography

Hiring a professional photographer will make your marriage photos stand out from others. But, such photographers have a busy schedule. So, book in advance to avoid missing out on great wedding photos.

  1. Travel arrangements

Creating a flawless travel arrangement plan is where most couples struggle. Thus, it is better to hire a travel agency or any other similar vendor who can manage such arrangements.

Wedding day is one of the most memorable days of a person’s life, so it is essential to make it unforgettable. But to do that budget can be an issue. If that’s the case, one can avail a loan against property and celebrate the destination wedding they want.