Biotechnology and biomedicine are among the most popular courses for the millennial's. These courses are considered highly prospective for the future and therefore a popular career choice for many aspirants.

There are various renowned biomedical and biotechnology colleges. Most of these colleges are abroad, but they enrol students from every country. For most students, studying in a prestigious college abroad can be costly. So, they can easily avail the benefits of an education loan against property to mitigate the financial stresses and fulfil their aspirations.

What is an education loan against property?

A loan against property for education is a type of secured loan. An individual is required to mortgage their property to avail such advances. Such an education loan against property can go up to Rs.3.5 crore depending on the property value.

Key benefits of an education loan against property

  • Convenient EMIs – A borrower can avail a loan at feasible EMIs, as the tenor of a loan against property can range between 2 years to 20 years. Longer tenors reduce the payable EMIs.
  • No end-use restriction – Loans against property do not come with any end-use restrictions. An education loan against property simply such a loan utilised primarily to meet educational as well as etcetera expenses.
  • Competitive interest rate – Financial institutions provide affordable interest rates on secured loans and even more so on loans against properties.

Financial institutions provide various beneficial education loans which help a student to avail a bright career. With the help of such a loan, any aspiring student can choose from the best biomedical colleges in the world with ease.

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