Owing to the severe competition in the employment sector, several engineers prefer to establish their own business. For individuals who want to leave their fixed-job schedule and start their own business, here are a few engineering business ideas to help them decide their future –

Solar panel manufacturing

Solar panel manufacturing and installation industry is on the rise as the quest for new and environment-friendly energy sources are increasing. Solar power is one of the most cost-effective energy sources, and it can be used for both residential and industrial purposes.

Nuts and bolts manufacturing

Nuts and bolts are essential to build any machinery or manufacturing unit and every industry, be it small or large-scale. Additionally, finding clients for your products will not be difficult. Furthermore, this mechanical business idea does not require substantial investment.

Machine designing

You can start a designing firm to provide companies with machines tailor-made for them as per their requirements.

Automobile parts manufacturing

The automobile industry is one of the growing sectors of this country, and you can be a part of it by manufacturing parts and equipment for various companies. Quality products and compelling design can make you an OEM (Official Equipment Manufacturer.)

If you have quality products, then chances are that manufacturers may promote you as their official equipment providers.


Apart from all these core mechanical engineering business ideas, you can always establish a consulting business to help other companies. You can provide a solution to various problems that companies face every day and help them to run their business efficiently.

Whatever the idea may be, to start a business, you need capital, and if you do not have adequate funds, you can avail a loan against property for financial support.

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