The healthcare sector in India is growing rapidly and is expected to continue this progress. Private healthcare services are contributing heavily to this growth.

Additionally, government schemes like ‘Ayushman Bharat’ are encouraging this development even further.

Local clinics are of great importance as these offer primary treatment to the patients. To help such facilities expand, financial institutions across the country are offering doctor loans to help medical practitioners invest further in this sector and provide better services to the citizen of the country.

Healthcare professionals can avail doctor loans to build their practice from scratch. Establishing a clinic requires a handsome capital to start with.

Availing a loan against property can arrange the required money. The credit amount here is up to Rs.2 crore along with attractive interest rate and a tenor of up to 18 years to make the repayment more manageable. They can use such credit to finance their equipment upgradation as well.

Moreover, doctors can avail business loans or personal loans to renovate their practice. The loan amount here is up t Rs.37 lakh with a tenor of 96 months.

Such affordable credit in the form of doctor loans, offered by several NBFCs, will encourage more healthcare professional to invest in this sector and ultimately serve the nations by providing better services.