MahaRERA or the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act started since 2017. This was done to bring transparency of real estate business between a buyer and a realtor. This act strictly instructs every developer to be a registered member of MahaRERA and has to work as specified following all the rules.
The MahaRERA act was launched to support the buyers and to enhance the customer’s trust. It is, therefore, an act that promises the buyers that they can successfully gather all the relevant and necessary information on the developers and the project where they wish to buy a property.
Some of the ways that MahaRERA can help real estate buyers are as follows:
  • One can gather information about the builder, their track record, ongoing project and customer reviews. This also includes the legal accusations a developer may have or the certification. This helps the buyers to be absolutely sure about one developer before buying a property.
  • Before starting a real estate project the developers must register with the regulator of the MahaRERA act. There they also have to disclose the details of the project thy plan to build. So a buyer can visit the official page of the MahaRERA and learn about a particular project by a certain developer mentioned in the site.
  • Buyers can also compare between two projects and decide better on the loan factor before buying a property. This comparison also enables a buyer to apply for a home loan under the PMAY scheme.
  • Buyers can file complaints against a developer as per the MahaRERA act regarding any property fault, issues with the builder and other things.
  • Since this act keeps track of all the project starting date and deadline, it enables the buyers to know about the project completion too. On the other hand, the developers have to abide by the promised deadline.
The best part is one can get help regarding the home loan. Just make sure that you have all the documents ready including the home loan noc so that your loan gets approved quickly. Hope now you know about rera act and it will help you to find your dream house and the best realtor in Maharashtra with this act.