Articleship is an essential part of the chartered accountancy (CA) curriculum where you gain practical experience of your role as a CA. You can pursue CA articleship only after clearing the IPCC and ICITSS courses. The role of a CA has undergone a dynamic change in the 21st century, thanks to liberalisation of the economy and new business challenges.

You need to register for CA articleship by filling up Form 102 and Form 103, both of which can be downloaded from the website of ICAI. You need to send Form 103 to ICAI within a stipulated time, failing which attracts a penalty.
Chartered Accountant articleship duration is of 3 years out of which it's mandatory to complete the first two years under a practicing CA, running his own firm. In the last year, you can opt for training under a CA in employment, which is known as industrial training.
It's essential to choose a Chartered Accountant firm of repute to broaden your knowledge and expertise. You can also choose to transfer your CA firm if you aren't happy with the training received. This, however, is possible only during the first year of articleship by submitting Form 109 to ICAI.
As an article assistant, you need to work for a minimum period of 35 hours in a week. In case you need to stretch, the number of aggregate hours can't go beyond 45 hours for which you will be entitled to compensatory leaves. Also, you can avail leaves equivalent to 1/6th of the articleship period.