Currently, around 50% of associate and fellow CAs are practising full-time or part-time in India according to ICAI.
Every practising CA wants to bring in more clients and expand their business, but they cannot do so by advertising and soliciting them. Hence, word-of-mouth marketing from the existing clientele is the only way they can attract new ones. And, satisfying the existing ones is the only way to do that.
You need to have all the essential qualities of an accountant to make your firm more profitable. One such vital skill is communication.
Clients who don’t have much comprehension of accounting, auditing, and taxation may not know the various terms and jargons associated with these fields. Hence, you have to adapt to their comprehension depending on the mode of communication. Also, you must have similar skills to interact with your seniors, juniors, and partners.
Organisations skill is another one of the top qualities that an ideal chartered accountant must have. Keeping stacks of papers and hundreds of numbers in a spreadsheet organised helps you manage your work more efficiently.
Another skill you need to possess is professionalism. Avoiding situations that can call for breach of contract and going against the code of conduct is necessary. Not accepting information as it is presented and always questioning them is how you should proceed with clients.
Your team makes your firm more worthy, and for that, you must have effective leadership skills. Lastly, you must also take account of any mistakes and learn from them. Put contingencies in place to avoid these from occurring in the future.