Setting up a primary healthcare facility is a long drawn process that needs proper planning. One such area of the process that requires meticulous planning is getting medical equipment.
Every primary healthcare facility should have some medical equipment to provide basic medical care to patients. Few of the equipment include- basic diagnostic equipment, emergency supplies, ECG units and other necessary accessories, autoclave, Tympanometer, laboratory equipment, stainless steel equipment, X-ray machines, etc. Apart from these, there are other equipment like furniture, appliances, wheelchairs, wall decorations, etc. that you need to purchase for your facility.
Now, purchasing the equipment can leave you with a hefty bill amount. That is why it is best to seek medical equipment financing in India to avail funds for these costs.
There are financial institutions that offer business loans as a part of doctor loan, which are tailor-made to suit the requirements of doctors in India. With this advance, you can finance the purchase of medical equipment, software, training your staff, etc. They are unsecured advance that you can avail without pledging any collateral.
There are also several reasons to avail business loans for doctors like a high loan amount value, flexible tenor, instant approval and easy disbursal. To avail this loan, you need to comply with some eligibility criteria set by your lender. Once you avail the healthcare finance, you can use the funds to purchase the latest medical equipment for your primary care facility.