As per the 6th Economic Census conducted by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, about 14% of total entrepreneurs in India happen to be women. Out of a total of 8.05 million women entrepreneurs, about 2.76 million (13.3%) are engaged in the agricultural sector, and 5.29 Million (65%) are engaged in non-agricultural activities. With women flourishing in every field of the economy, you can easily refer to these business ideas for women in India.

  1. Day care services
It is one business alternative that requires minimum capital. When both parents of a child choose to work, they obviously require a reliable and responsible day care centre. All you need to do is be affectionate and caring towards the kids.

  1. Bakery shop
For women who have baking as their hobby, can set up a bakery shop and get started as an entrepreneur. Owing to the popularity and demand for cakes in every celebration, there are high chances that the small business evolves into a bigger one.

  1. Freelance writing
Writing content is one of the best business ideas for women those who have an inclination towards writing. It requires minimal capital investment, and you can start earning by writing from home as well.

  1. E-business
Starting from merchandise to home utilities, e-commerce sites are an excellent platform to initiate your business. E-tutoring is also a great alternative for women who have a knack for teaching.

  1. Interior designing
Many women are fond of designing homes and offices, and what better if they can transform their passion into a profession. Setting up your interior designing services requires minimal investment expenditure.

According to the reports of National Sample Survey Organisation, 79% of the businesses run by women entrepreneurs in India are self-financed. This data reveals that best business idea for women in India is to start from scratch and then take it to the peak eventually.

Refer to these business ideas for women and easily arrange for the required funds with the help lenders who offer more attractive rates of interest on business loans.