After completing the CA articleship, the aspirants can either seek employment at firms or start a business on their own. So, if you plan to open a line of business – the first thing that you need is a substantial investment. Fortunately, the availability of professional loan for chartered accountants can provide you with the necessary finances. Now, after securing your funds, look into these small business ideas to start your entrepreneurial journey.
Some of the 5 top business ideas for CAs include the following. They can specialise as a Goods and Service Tax practitioner offering expertise at filing IT returns to micro and small industries. They can work as financial auditors while liaising with a CA firm or open a singular firm for the same.
They can even offer outsourcing services to help other firms hire fresh recruits to expand their business horizons into new sectors. Tax consultancy services are one of the staple services most CAs provide where they act as an expert consultant for a firm or an individual to track their revenue and expenses.
Other out-of-the-ordinary business ideas include opening up an academia for their CA course. You can put your skills and insurance to good use by tutoring young aspirants to shine in their career.
You can take up these innovative growth opportunities for chartered accountants to start your entrepreneur career. You can always rely on chartered accountant loans for necessary financial requirements, personal or professional.