Udaipur is increasingly becoming a business hub. Many individuals today aspire to start their own business. Financing your business today through a loan is easier than ever before. A loan that is taken to start a business or for its expansion is called a business loan. Business loan in Udaipur is typically an unsecured loan and does not need a borrower to submit a guarantee. You can easily get a business loan in Udaipur if your business fundamentals are in place. All that you have to do is apply and fit into the required eligibility criteria and the loan disbursal takes the minimal time/documentation. You may also look around these secret tips to improve your business loan eligibility.
Loan applicants considered by lenders for loans fall into the following categories:
Self-employed professionals: The category includes professionals like chartered accountants, allopathic doctors, architects, company secretariats, engineers who are actively practicing.
 Self-employed non-professionals: Traders, merchants, retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and proprietors fall in this category.
Individual entities: An individual entity is a legal corporation, which must be a partnership entity, an LLP or a private limited company to avail this sort of a loan.
Required eligibility criteria and documents to avail the loan:
Identity proof: Identity proof is a basic requirement to avail any kind of loan. Aadhar card, driving license, passport, PAN card, voter ID can be used as suitable documents.
Address proof: Any of the following can be used as address proof; ration card, electricity bill, lease agreement, passport and sales tax agreement.
Income proof: Bank statement of the last 2 years can be used as income proof.
Financial documents: Balance sheet, income and profit and loss accounts along with the ITR of the last 2 years and last 3 years of audited financials can be used as financial documents.
Business ownership proof: Documents of a sole proprietorship, certified copy of the memorandum, articles of association can be used to show as proof of business ownership.