Being a CA that too a certified one is an accomplished career goal. For CAs, there is a huge demand from companies who want someone professional to handle the accounting process. However, getting certified CA title isn't that easy because the process isn't that simple and requires one to undergo a lot of hard work. But once you are successfully passed out, then you can start your own CA firm. Here are a few tips for CA firm expansion and consolidation, if you already have the firm and want to expand in 2019-
Take online route-
You may have good offline clients, but it’s time to go online too. Today, every other company looks for CA firm for assistance. If you have a good online portfolio, then you can utilize it for gaining more clients.
Increase the number of partners-
If you want to really take your CA firm into next level, then you must expand your partners. By adding partner, you can share the workload responsibilities and risk of running the firm.
Gain more capital-
Although, your business must be running good, but you need to have a good capital access to expand. You can connect with finance company for chartered accountant loan and get finance for the expansion.